Solution to Payment Issues

We apologize for the issues you’re experiencing when paying for our apps.

BlackBerry has finally done a fix to the issue. Please download/update the BlackBerry Payment Options App here: After this update. You should be able to pay successfully. Learn more:

OR: You can use our Secure Payment Gateway to pay for our Apps. Please proceed here:

If you have any concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you very much.

Solution to Payment Issues

Successful PayPal Payment

Thank you very much for your purchase of the PRO Version. Please allow us 3-5 days to make your account PRO.

Please not that after this purchase. Ignore the restore purchase button inside our app. Since you paid outside the BlackBerry Payments System, your purchase isn’t recorded in their servers but on my own server. Once I make you pro. You’re PRO and nevermind the restore purchase button if you see it. What’s important is that you have access to PRO Features.

Also we hope that you did not forget to add information about your Profile/Account/Username/Email from the PayPal Form. If you did forget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Successful PayPal Payment

Cancelled PayPal Payment

We want to know the reason you cancelled the payment. We would like to help you. Please contact us

BlackBerry has finally done a fix to the Payment Issue. Please download/update the BlackBerry Payment Options App here: After this update. You should be able to pay successfully. Learn more:

If you changed your mind. You can pay here:

Thank you very much!

Cancelled PayPal Payment

Face10 for Facebook – FAQs

  • Is Face10 equal to the OLD Facebook App?
    • A BIG NO
    • Face10 is built by Nemory Studios and not by BlackBerry nor Facebook.
    • The old Facebook was built by BlackBerry.
  • Can I go back to the OLD FACEBOOK APP?
    • You cannot go back to the previous version. And this is not my fault. Please blame BlackBerry. Not Face10 nor not Nemory Studios.
    • I did not built the OLD FACEBOOK APP. My own app is Face10.
  • What’s the PRICE of the PRO?
    • Please don’t be afraid to click the Upgrade Button. It will give you the updated PRICE. You won’t be charged until you proceed. We cannot set a price directly to the Upgrade Button because for example when we will have a sale. The button will remain with the static price and you will be confused.
    • Current Price is $2.99 ON SALE 50% OFF. Hurry because it’s limited.
  • Upgrade Button still showing after purchasing PRO?
    • If you can access the PRO Features listed below and don’t get the Trial Notification anymore. That just means you’re now PRO.
  • Duplicate Shared Posts?
    • Fixing this issue asap…
  • Profile Picture not showing?
    • This is a rare issue only happening to very few users. What I can suggest is: Please change your Profile Picture by going to Profile Tab > Update Info
  • Opening a Comment Notification doesn’t take you straight to the Post/Comment? or Deep Linking
    • Fixing this asap…
  • Where to see Online Friends?
    • Go to Friends Tab > Search for the friend you want to know if they’re online or offline.
  • How to zoom in to an image?
    • Tap on the Image > Tap and hold > Expand
  • Can’t Set Wallpaper / Sticker Bundles asking for PRO?
    • Wallpapers PRO is a separate Upgrade for just USD $0.99. Same as for Sticker Bundles.
  • How to remove Wallpaper?
    • Settings Tab > Tap lower right action item > Remove wallpaper
  • Images not loading?
    • Please make sure you have no VPNs, AdBlock Apps, Proxies setup. If you have. Please remove / disable them.
  • Have Facebook Account Specific Problems?
  • What are the PRO Features?
    • No ADS (Advertisements)
    • Save Photos & Videos
    • Hub Integration
    • Headless Notifications
    • Unlimited Multi Accounts
    • Emojis Keyboard
    • Emoticons Keyboard
    • Apply Dark Theme
    • Apply Color Schemes
    • Write Posts from the Hub
    • App Security Password Lock
    • Home Screen Shortcuts
  • Why some Videos play in Browser?
    • Only videos uploaded to Facebook will play natively. YouTube/Vimeo and other 3rd Party Video Storage will play via Browser.
  • Error Validating Access Token? Session Errors?
    • This means you’ve either changed password on Facebook, or forcely logged out all sesions.
    • Please logout and relogin
  • Photos/Videos not loading?
    • Please double check your connection (WIFI/Mobile Data). Try other networks to verify. It might be due to your network’s settings.
    • Please compare with the original Facebook app if you get the same issue, it means it’s all about your connection.
    • If you’re using FREE Facebook on Mobile Data, this might cause it too.
  • Seeing HTML Bugs?
    • We’re working on a fix.
  • Incorrect Password error?
    • Please double check if your password and username is correct.
    • Please double check and make sure there are no WHITE SPACES.
    • Please make sure your CASE SENSITIVE characters are correct. If you password includes a BIG letter please check it if it’s big and check SMALL characters if they’re small
  • Using Passwordswith special symbols?
    • The only 3 characters we don’t support is + # and &
    • I suggest that you change your password
    • You can use other symbols and numbers to retain your password’s security.
    • You can use these !@$^*()_=-;’,./?><“:}{|\ just don’t use + # and &
  • Why need to Pay Messenger to send messages?
  • Why Messenger needs to be a separate app?
    • Face10 is an updated Facebook App. We’re following Facebook’s Experience on iOS and Android.
    • Messenger is a separate App on iOS and Android.
    • Also one reason is to separate the development because of different API’s used. And also to make the app’s performance faster with fewer resources required.
  • Why can’t scroll on Photos?
    • We’re still working on this feature.
  • Contacts & Birthday Calendar Integration?
    • Sorry but this is out my control. This is impossible to do. Only BlackBerry themselves can make this happen.
    • Workaround: Don’t delete the official Facebook App. Just go to Phone Settings > Accounts > Facebook and give only permissions to the ones you want.
  • 2 Step Verification Login?
    • Whenever you receive the code. Please enter it in the Password Box.
  • How to Tag a Friend in a Post or Comment?
    • Type @ and then the name of the friend.
  • Why use Face10 than the Official Facebook for BB10 and the Android Version?
    • Please read below the PRO Features that are not available to the Android Facebook nor the Official BB10 Facebook.
  • Why some Photos / Albums doesn’t show?
    • This is due to the Privacy Settings set by the owner of the Photos or Album. You can verify that it’s the same when you open it via the Facebook Website or other Official Facebook App.
  • Why cannot Comment / Reply to a Comment?
    • This is due to the Privacy Settings set by the owner. You can verify that it’s the same when you open it via the Facebook Website or other Official Facebook App.
  • Why is there no Like / Comment / Share button?
    • This is due to the Privacy Settings set by the owner. You can verify that it’s the same when you open it via the Facebook Website or other Official Facebook App.
  • Groups Manager App?
    • I’ll do my best to put out an App for this if there’s great demand.
  • Where can I chat or send messages?
  • Pages Manager?
    • I will be working on a separate app focusing on Managing your Facebook Pages. Please stay tuned!
  • Why are some Pages load via Browser?
    • Due to API limitations, some Facebook Features will be loaded via Browser. But we’re doing our best to improve them.
  • How to Download/Save Videos/Photos to SD Card?
    • Tap and hold the Video/Image > Download. Not all videos can be download especially if the video wasn’t uploaded straight to Facebook’s Servers, ex: videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Want more App speed and performance?
    • Please do not turn off Auto Delete Cache in Settings Tab if you want 100% great performance. Or manually clear cache.
  • Stickers / Photos in Comments not showing?
    • This is a known issue especially occurring on Group Feeds. I am working on a fix to resolve this issue ASAP.
  • Developer? Looking for Invocation Codes?
  • Login alert for Facebook for Android? Posting as Android?
    • Face10 is NEVER an Android App and will never be. Nor any single stuff in there is Android. Except the APP ID which is just a STRING/TEXT that Face10 uses to mimick the Official Android Facebook so it can grant all the features possible. So when you update a status, it will show that you’re using an Android Phone but really not. Just ignore this and don’t worry because everything is alright.
    • Why not get an App ID for Face10?
      • If I get Face10’s own ID. Face10 will be super limited in features and you will never like it. There will be no Notifications, Posting Status, Upload Videos/Photos etc.
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Face10 for Facebook – FAQs

Scope10 for Periscope – FAQs


  • Cannot find the Twitter Login?
    • We’re hard at working to bring this feature in the future. We will notify all our users once this feature comes out.
  • Where’s the Chat Function?
    • We will bring this feature in a future update.
  • Notifications?
    • We’re still working on the Headless/Notifications part.
  • Create Broadcast?
    • We cannot promise this feature to come. But we will do our very best and we will notify you all when this feature will be available.
  • Can’t verify code? Code Expired Error?
    • We’re fixing the problem asap.
    • Workaround: Register/Login again to generate code, wait for a few more minutes.
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Scope10 for Periscope – FAQs