WhatsUp10 for WhatsApp – BlackBerry 10


We all know right now that WhatsApp is shutting down their app for BlackBerry 10 and other platforms on December 31, 2017.

But we at Nemory Studios has come up with a solution to let BlackBerry 10 users continue using WhatsApp on their device even after December 31, 2017.

Download WhatsUp10

I’m introducing to you WhatsUp10 PRO. The android based WhatsApp Client that’s fully packed with great 3rd Party Features. 

  • Customize the look and feel with Themes
  • Themes Store
  • Hub Notifications
  • Video and Voice Calls
  • Set your status up to 250 characters instead of just 139
  • App Security Lock
  • Tons of Privacy Options:
  • Ability to Hide Chats
  • Emojis
  • Ban Proof
  • Expire Proof
  • Send a broadcast up to 600 contacts
  • BackUp and Restore Option


Please support us by buying WhatsUp10 PRO for just $3.99 One Time Payment forever.

Download WhatsUp10

Current Limitations

  • Cannot automatically sync contacts. You’ll have to manually add them inside WhatsUp10
  • We’re working on more fixes. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.
WhatsUp10 for WhatsApp – BlackBerry 10

1,980 thoughts on “WhatsUp10 for WhatsApp – BlackBerry 10

  1. Clive says:

    I have version 5.8 and am trying to update to 5.9 but it is asking us to purchase again. How can this be? We need to be able to upgrade to the latest version for free. So far I am somewhat satisfied with 5.8 but there are bugs.


  2. Hoang Hai Quan says:

    I have paid and get in passport silver, after installation the app can’t working, only shown the screen ” finding the backup” please advise the solution. Thanks


  3. Cyntily says:

    I was debited for whatsup 10 upgrade but I still can’t download the app. I’m asked to purchase it again,pls fix it or refund the money debited from my card.


  4. mwood872 says:

    I keep getting an upgrade in another language when I sign on (don’t know the language). Can pop ups like this be suppressed, it looks like spam. I already chose English as my language preference for my profile but it is still popping up every time I open the app.


  5. Daniel Bechmann says:

    Works “OK” on BlackBerry Classic!
    Sending Pictures and Videos is not possible! Should be fixed, otherwise this App would be more or less useless! Nobody needs coloured Backgrounds, you Should Have Put the work and time for that, into other Bugs!


  6. David W. Kuhn says:

    I bought Inst 10 PRO – it will not download to my BB Classic. Next, I was stupid enough to purchase WhatsUp 10 PRO – guess what? – It is not available for me to Download either.
    Is this SCAM? Hold onto your money people!!


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