WhatsUp10 – FAQs


  • WhatsUp10 Fixer didn’t fix the sending issue? Try some of these steps:
    • Please make sure you’ve followed the step by steps instruction. You must close WhatsUp10 App first using Data Monitor before doing the process. And you must have an EXTERNAL SD CARD on your phone.
    • Please do a reboot of your phone and try again.
    • Uninstall WhatsUp10 first then do the fix then install WhatsUp10 again.
  • Cannot send media files? 
  • Update popup?
    • Please ignore for now. Wait for a new update to be announced from Nemory Studios.
  • Google Play Services issues? Stuck on backup?
    • To fix the Google Play Services and Backup issue, please don’t press “OK” button when you see the Google Services Dialog. Instead, press the back key and this will fix the problem.

Still having problems? Contact nemorystudios@gmail.com

WhatsUp10 – FAQs

1,373 thoughts on “WhatsUp10 – FAQs

  1. Oscar Arteaga says:

    Hey Oliver!
    First things first.
    1. I think what you have accomplished is great for a one-man-band developer company.
    2. I agree that sometimes we have to rely on third party APIs when trying to get things done.
    3. I do recognize that app developing is a never ending spiral, that comprises many tasks and heavy workload in all app life-cycle stages.

    However, you may consider (and I recommend you to take actions about it)
    1. BY being one of the few still-standing developers for Blackberry, you will be observed by several reasons:
    1.a. you are by your own, accomplishing what other big buck companies has not.
    1.b. there are several stakeholders intentionally trying to harm Blackberry, and trying to influence others into that.
    1.c. you are monetizing some apps that are free for other platforms.
    1.d. there is not a clear process in Nemory to evaluate overall app quality, and also there is no visible process of bug-fix/support.
    2. Enlarge your company’s footprint. At some point, specially by having published that many apps, you will need help and there is nothing wrong about it. It will only increase your company’s reliability and eventually it will pay off.
    3. consider yourself to publish and maintain a proper NemoryStudios domain, with proper security and a proper communication strategy. There is nothing bad to be “garage-like” entrepreneurial /startup company; but also there is nothing wrong to have the basics of big corporations associated with your brand.

    Now, what I personally (strongly) request to you by being a customer of Nemory:
    1. Please make sure none of our customer data/metadata/behavior is being used for commercial purposes / profiling / advertising.
    1.a. if you are paying for an app, it is expected that the adds are removed. in-app-ads are annoying but understandable when using free versions. upgraded/plus/paid versions should never display apps. it is not a good practice to monetize from ads when customer has already paid for the app.
    1.b. please provide warranties to paid customers. If a paid customer receives the same support that a free user, then there is not much sense to pay for an app.
    2. Please enhance the app performance in terms of:
    2.a. Device Memory management. Please connect the proper dots to make the app stable, but also reliable. I have experienced app and device hangs because of Nemory Apps.
    2.b. Data usage. It is not only by the tech reports saying, but my user experience has confirmed that Nemory Apps request/sends more data that they “should” (benchmarked against other apps)
    2.c. Battery life management. Please, please review all of your code intensively, focusing on saving battery.
    3. Please contribute to Blackberry by honoring the same principles that has helped the customer base to rely on Blackberry. Please enforce the security of your apps, please avoid intellectual property rights infringement, please manage a better customer service, please improve!.

    An unsatisfied (yet sympathetic) customer.


  2. Nelly says:

    Have you thought about implementing a client for Telegram as well? It would be really great, to have a native(!) App since all the available are Android ports at the moment. Keep up the good work!


  3. Keith says:

    Paid to upgrade to Face10 Pro, still shows Face10.
    Just sideload Android WhatsApp, send media via pc web.whatsapp.com, scan tag to connect.


  4. Ajay Benjamin says:

    Whatsup10 for whatsapp is not found in BlackBerry world. A payment of $2.99 already done through PayPal to Memory studio.


    1. Keith says:

      Also had a problem with looping from ‘OPEN’ to download link, eventually it did download but stalls on ‘searching for backup’.


  5. Keith Bergoff says:

    WhatsUp 10 APK installs, number verified, searching for backup ‘ad infinitum’.
    WhatsApp APK from Google Play Store does the same.


  6. Hi there, I wanted to download the whatsapp 10 app and was charged $2 which I paid through PayPal account, but I have not been able to download the app. Can someone please give me a clue on what to do cause I don’t want to pay twice.


  7. Hi there, I have paid for the whatsapp 10 app and couldn’t get to download the app can someone please give me a clue on what to do cause I don’t want to pay twice.


    1. Keith Bergoff says:

      WhatApp10 and Android WhatsApp have the same problem, apk installs then stalls at ‘searching for backup’, haven’t tried it with a new SIM and number.


  8. Dean laxer says:

    forget it. I would never pay for a useless app like this. What the hell is the point, if you can’t upload pictures or videos. Just plain text is just not enough and doesn’t justify to charge for it. If you can’t get it to work properly, don’t charge for it. Simple as that.
    I’d rather buy the keyone and be done with it…


  9. Whatsup10 is a tremendous app. With whatsapp gone from blackberry world for sometime (though now it’s back till 31 Dec 2017) , there was a huge void in ease of communication on my blackberry Q10. I searched for available replacements for whatsapp on blackberry Q10. I found about whatsup10 app. So I thought “let’s try it”. I paid some money for it. It’s OK seeing the amount help whatsup10 provides. It functioned well. But I discovered that we can’t send pics as a message in whatsup10. I tried multiple times but not possible. So finally I contacted ( via email ) support team of whatsup10. And they replied that they know about this weakness of the app but they improve upon it in times to come. Alright, let’s see is what I thought. Today I tried giving video call to my pal over whatsup10 and yo, it happened. I spoke to my dear pal for around 10 minutes. What a clear video call it turned out to be. Whereas, on whatsapp in blackberry, video call is not possible. With amazing availability of data connection on cellphone networks, video calling is a highly helpful method to talk to a dear friend/ relative, thousands of miles away. So please go for it. Whatsapp on blackberry os does not provide video calls. Leave it, try Whatsup10. I am from India. Work in India. I am not associated with the team which made Whatsup10 app. I don’t know the people who made this app. I am only a user of this app. So there is no lie about facts contained in this post of mine. Try and you yourself will see this reality.


      1. This is your comment because you have not used blackberry OS based phone and are not using it now. Since you don’t know about it adequately, please don’t comment about it.


      2. Keith says:

        Why would I comment if I’m not using BB10?.
        I paid for Face10 and WhatsApp10, uninstalled both.
        Google ‘how to install Android apps on a BB10’.


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