Solution to Payment Issues

We apologize for the issues you’re experiencing when paying for our apps.

BlackBerry has finally done a fix to the issue. Please download/update the BlackBerry Payment Options App here: After this update. You should be able to pay successfully. Learn more:

OR: You can use our Secure Payment Gateway to pay for our Apps. Please proceed here:

If you have any concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you very much.

Solution to Payment Issues

76 thoughts on “Solution to Payment Issues

  1. ralph foingwe yuh says:

    It’s to expensive for especially African users and again I would like to know it’s possible for someone to make the support payment for this new whatsapp10 app based in an other country and if yes,would you so kind to provide me the to making that possible thanks.


  2. I paid for Whatsapp10 but lost the connection and couldn’t return to merchant to download the app.

    Please check my PayPal payment for confirmation and send the link to download


    1. I have this same problem, infact, I have paid 3 times, downloaded and it crashed after a while. Surely, there should be a way to restore it without money again, it is afterall supposed to be a one time payment app.


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