Cancelled PayPal Payment

We want to know the reason you cancelled the payment. We would like to help you. Please contact us

BlackBerry has finally done a fix to the Payment Issue. Please download/update the BlackBerry Payment Options App here: After this update. You should be able to pay successfully. Learn more:

If you changed your mind. You can pay here:

Thank you very much!

Cancelled PayPal Payment

8 thoughts on “Cancelled PayPal Payment

  1. jibbs says:

    Unable to download uber for client app on my BlackBerry 10. I tried paying it through pay pal account but it’s constantly showing error.


  2. I tried as u mentioned but its constantly displaying the eror message while loging on pay pal..i deleted after then aded but no use..its constantly dislpay the same error message


  3. Sepehr Rezaei says:

    I paid successfully with PayPal but every time I open the app it seems it’s still on trial version.
    please help me I don’t wanna pay for nothing.


  4. Denchev says:

    I pay your FB 10 for ….. nothing?! Why is not included the messenger pro? Another 2,99 ….. this is one of the reason BlackBerry lose money! For greedy people! App which is free I pay here twice?! Are you insane ? Disappointing! You must include the messenger!


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