Scope10 for Periscope – FAQs


  • Cannot find the Twitter Login?
    • We’re hard at working to bring this feature in the future. We will notify all our users once this feature comes out.
  • Where’s the Chat Function?
    • We will bring this feature in a future update.
  • Notifications?
    • We’re still working on the Headless/Notifications part.
  • Create Broadcast?
    • We cannot promise this feature to come. But we will do our very best and we will notify you all when this feature will be available.
  • Can’t verify code? Code Expired Error?
    • We’re fixing the problem asap.
    • Workaround: Register/Login again to generate code, wait for a few more minutes.
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Scope10 for Periscope – FAQs

25 thoughts on “Scope10 for Periscope – FAQs

  1. Nicole says:

    I paid for and downloaded this app for my BlackBerry Z30. It worked perfectly for two days and now I can’t open any scopes. I get error messages and am unable to use the app. Help please. Thank you.


  2. The instructions say to enter the plus sign, then the country code, then your phone number. What is my country code? I used the example “63”, thinking that might be for the US – but, didn’t work.


    1. vhawkins says:

      I’m pretty sure in the USA it’s +1 ,as Canada is +1 as well! But personally I think anyone should be looking up their own area codes with google! 😀


  3. Greg says:

    Try to login using phone #, verification code comes through then goes to “Create Account ” screen. Then will not accept username


  4. prophet prince paul says:

    Please help me out for over 3 week I bought this application I have been trying to log in but when I type the pin send to me the will say it has expire


  5. gökhan says:

    The login verification request had expıred……. helpppppppppppp düzeltin şunu sıkayet ederim sizi tüketici hatlarına I report to you that the correct consumer rights


  6. Chanukah says:

    I don’t know what happened to this app. It worked well for awhile, but I had to delete and re install. Ever since then it will not verify the code in order to get the app running. Is there a different app that does what this app is suppose to do and that works with BlackBerry Z10


  7. Sharon says:

    I just bought this application probably two weeks ago, and everyday I’ve been trying to log in but it’s refusing, I went through the authentication process, recieved the verification code but when I enter it, it always says “Internal server error”. BlackBerry is very much disappointing! How long should we tolerate such inconveniences? We buy the BlackBerry phones at expensive prices and we receive the news that are of least/no tolerance at all that from the 31st of December whatsapp won’t work on BlackBerry 10, I mean such an app is the gist of our contemporary communication and for whatever reasons they wanna ruin that for us. 2.No matter how they try to explain why certain apps cannot run or work in the BlackBerry phones except those prescribed by BlackBerry is not fair to us if they don’t make it a point that the same applications are found on BlackBerry, it does not make sense to us if the are no alternatives and if maybe they are but they don’t work or properly work, we bought the periscope app for R25, for nothing, why are your services poor? Why is it that you are not doing anything about this quick? BlackBerry you making us suffer, this is disgrace to the market. If you cannot offer the best to the people you serve, opt for something you can do best than creating an impression or claiming an identity contrary to what you are, it is not fair, it’s not ethical neither is it socially responsible. It is not about financial return but customer satisfaction too, it should be the people you serve first and the benefit second. We are tired!


  8. Keith Hill says:

    After entering phone number and the verification number I have been trying for more than eight hours keeps getting message that says ” Internal Server Error ”


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