About Nemory Studios

About Nemory Studios

About Nemory Studios

4 thoughts on “About Nemory Studios

  1. Stephen Clarke says:

    I would welcome and pay for such an app. Your work is outstanding.

    The BB10 experience is second to none, albeit, it needs further development.


  2. I have followed all of the steps in FAQ for Uninstalling and restarting and reinstalling INST10, now it just immediately crashes upon opening. I either need a fix or a refund please.


  3. 1. Since Feb 21, I have had *no* Face10 notifications on the Hub. I continue to get hub notifications for the BlackBerry Facebook app, which alert me to look on Face10.

    2. I’ve selected a dark theme on Passport. From Face10, looking at notifications, there is only the slightest differentiation between black read and dark grey unread notifications.

    3. Once in the the selected message, it is necessary to select the original post, then the comment, then the reply to see the subject of the notification.

    Keep up the great work. I love Face10 and your other great apps. Your apps have a fresh look and creative approach that is refreshing.


  4. Acanuck says:

    don’t know if its Facebook its self or the version that I am running on my BlackBerry ( Nemory Face 10) but as I go down through my list of events and go through a certain number, the list stops scrolling and ends with a notice that it will continue if I add new friends. Fix it will you? I will not add new friends just for the sake of giving Facebook more private info to sell or use. I don’t believe this is an ethical condition for use. Thank you.


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