PhoneFinder FAQs


  • Use our Secure Payment Gateway to pay for our Apps. Please proceed here:
  • OR: Please try other Payment Options that supports your country: PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card and Carrier Billing. Also make sure you have FUNDS on your account. Or contact for futher support.
  • To pay via Carrier Billing/Airtime/Data Plan: Go to Phone Settings > Payment Options > Wait for Payment Accounts section to load and show your Carrier. > Click it and proceed.

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PhoneFinder FAQs

13 thoughts on “PhoneFinder FAQs

  1. anuj syal says:

    I entered all details asked in phone finder, but what I have to do next for active it? Mean how can I get my phone locations?


  2. Norman Henfling says:


    I have a problem with this nice App.
    I recieve every time an empty SMS without Information inside.

    My Hardware:
    Blackberry classic. SW is up to date

    Thank you very much
    Norman Henfling


  3. sent burnett says:

    Regarding PhoneFinder


    I installed a few days ago! 

    Now I keep getting random texts from my contacts regarding PhoneFinder? 

    Also if I lose my phone do I have to send a text or email to the phone with my password? 

    Kindest Regards 

    Sean Burnett


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