Dater for Tinder – FAQs


  • Out of likes?
    • Dater is just a client for Tinder and has no access to Tinder’s Payment system. You need to use an Android/iPhone device, download Tinder App, login and upgrade to Tinder Plus. That way you can enjoy unlimited likes and more features. We apologize that dater doesn’t support this natively.
  • Verification Code not sent to your phone?
    • Please try a different phone number. Try to borrow a friend’s phone number to try.
  • Cannot find people?
    • This doesn’t mean the app doesn’t work. This just means there’s no more people around you that uses Tinder/Dater. It might be that you’ve already liked/passed them all. Please also try visiting a different city/province/country and try.
  • Cannot access Facebook Albums?
  • Access Denied? Facebook Token issue?
  • Matches not loading? Tabs Freezing? Crush the bugs with the latest Update!
    • Uninstall Dater > Restart Phone > Reinstall
    • NOTE: If you’re a PRO User, don’t worry when you un-install, you will not lose your PRO and you will never have to re-purchase anything. Just make sure to Request Existing Purchase after Re-install from the Settings/About Page.
  • Where’s the Advanced Settings?
    • from the very top of the screen > swipe down > tap Options > look below and tap Advanced Settings
  • Getting lost on how to use some parts of the app?
    • Please visit the Tutorials Page again: Swipe down from the very top > Tap About > Tap View Tutorials
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Dater for Tinder – FAQs

Messenger for Facebook FAQs


  • Where’s the Emoji Keyboard?
    • We’ve temporarily removed it due to issues causing. We’re fixing it asap.
    • Please make sure you’re using the latest version 15. Please check in BlackBerry World for updates.
  • Page could not be found error?
    • Please make sure you’re using the latest version 15. Please check in BlackBerry World for updates.
  • Send/Receive Attachments/Photos?
    • Please make sure you’re using the latest version 15. Please check in BlackBerry World for updates.
  • Asking for PRO even if you’ve already purchased Face10 PRO?
  • Compose from Hub?
    • This is not supported yet
    • Facebook has broken the XMPP Protocol so for now Messenger uses the Browser Interface and it’s now much faster and with Stickers Support and Photo Attachments Support.
    • Messenger i still 90% NATIVE APP. It gives you themes, schemes, conversations in a native UI, friends in a native ui, Hub Notifications (PRO only).
  • Deleted the Conversation in the Hub but still coming back?
    • Please read below.
  • Can’t Delete/Archive/Mark Read/Unread Conversations?
    • This is not possible due to API Limitations. You may have to do it via Browser.
  • Have Facebook Account Specific Problems?
  • Error Validating Access Token? Session Errors?
    • This means you’ve either changed password on Facebook, or forcely logged out all sesions.
    • Please logout and relogin
  • Incorrect Password error?
    • Please double check if your password and username is correct.
    • Please double check and make sure there are no WHITE SPACES.
    • Please make sure your CASE SENSITIVE characters are correct. If you password includes a BIG letter please check it if it’s big and check SMALL characters if they’re small
  • Contacts Integration?
    • Sorry but this is out my control. This is impossible to do. Only BlackBerry themselves can make this happen.
  • Using Passwordswith special symbols?
    • The only 3 characters we don’t support is + # and &
    • I suggest that you change your password
    • You can use other symbols and numbers to retain your password’s security.
    • You can use these !@$^*()_=-;’,./?><“:}{|\ just don’t use + # and &
  • Audio & Video Calling? 
    • I’m sorry but this feature is not supported by the API
  • Can’t send / receive stickers, photos, videos & attachments?
    • Please make sure you’re using the latest version 15. Please check in BlackBerry World for updates.
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Messenger for Facebook FAQs

PhoneFinder FAQs


  • Use our Secure Payment Gateway to pay for our Apps. Please proceed here:
  • OR: Please try other Payment Options that supports your country: PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card and Carrier Billing. Also make sure you have FUNDS on your account. Or contact for futher support.
  • To pay via Carrier Billing/Airtime/Data Plan: Go to Phone Settings > Payment Options > Wait for Payment Accounts section to load and show your Carrier. > Click it and proceed.

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PhoneFinder FAQs