Inst10 Advantages over iGrann and APK

  • Inst10 over iGrann
    • Overall Better UI and Experience
    • Includes a Tutorial
    • Connect facebook friends
    • Connect address book contacts
    • Regram videos (v2.0+)
    • Own Camera UI
    • Easily follow/unfollow (button) users in lists
    • Compose from Hub
    • Prioritized Notifications Customizations
    • Re-Direct Posts
    • Edit Posts
    • Much more Emojis+Emoticons and Better
    • App Color Schemes
    • App Wallpapers
    • Wallpaper Store
    • Downloads Manager
    • Report inappropriate user, message, etc
    • View Geo Photos in a Map
    • Customizable Active Frame
    • App Security Lock Password Layer
    • 0 Seconds Fast Multi Login Switch (no need to re authenticate)
    • Can load more than 10 direct messages
    • Faster Tab Switching
    • Provides 7 Days Free PRO version Trial
  • Inst10 over the APK
    • Customizable UI
    • Compose directly from the Hub
    • Unlimited Multi Accounts Support
    • Emojis + Emoticons Keyboard
    • Regram and Re-Direct Posts
    • Change overall Color Schemes
    • Set your overall App Wallpaper + a Wallpaper Store
    • Put more security with adding an App Security Password Layer
    • Downloads Manager
    • OS Search Integration with BlackBerry Assistant
    • Customizable Active Frame
    • Customizable Notifications
    • Auto hides ALL Bars when scrolling option
Inst10 Advantages over iGrann and APK

39 thoughts on “Inst10 Advantages over iGrann and APK

  1. ScootiePie says:

    I’m just curious before I buy this. Will I be inundated with pop up screens and ads for other products sold by the author? I used the “Pro” Snap2chat app at one time, but was always closing ads for twittly. I completely understand and respect the author’s enthusiasm, but I don’t want to pay for something just to be overwhelmed by ads. The pro trial looks great, and I will absolutely buy the pro version as long as I’m not going to get hassled with ads or pops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. يقولـون متغـيّر .. وآنـآ مآتغـيّرت
    مِـنْ جيت للدنيـآ .. وهَذآ مسيـري
    مِنْ عآدتي لٱضقت..والٱ تحـيّرت
    آصدّ وآكفِيْ ٱلنْآسّ شَرِّيّ وخِـيِري .


  3. amirul says:

    The notification filter doesn’t work well. I already unchecked the notification for likes, but there still notification for likes


  4. John says:

    The app does still have some bugs, but that doesn’t bring this app down. Way better than iGrann. So my only choice when it comes to an app for Instagram on the BlackBerry OS 10 telephone. Hopefully video upload from gallery is updated soon.


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